Domestic Power Installation

If you’re looking for a little extra buzz in your home electricity, you should consider 3 phase power installation Brisbane. DCSQ Electrical  understand the electrical requirements to switch to alternative power supply.

We can come out to your home and provide you with an all-inclusive quote and all the advice you need to make the change.

Types of Domestic Power Installations - 3 Phase Power

3 Phase power uses 3 phases of power rated at 63Amps each as opposed to single phase power (normal domestic install) at only 63Amps.

3 phase power is used with 3 phase equipment or appliances, such as machinery, ovens, spas and air conditioning units or if you have surpassed the single phase total demand requirements for the entire install (63AMPs).

Changing to 3 Phase Power

In order to switch to 3 phase power, you will require an upgrade from the street to the point of attachment on the house, either by underground or overhead power. Energex are also required to connect your home to 3 phase power and replace your energy meters on your home to 3 phase meters. Rewiring the switch board and meter box is also required to balance the load across 3 phases.

It’s generally a full day job taking 6-10 hours depending on location of switch board and meter box and type of mains supply (underground or overhead).

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