Data Cabling Installation

The data cabling at your Sydney commercial or residential premises is the highway that will transport signals of a large number of activities and processes across your computer network and out to the internet. Data cabling is used for many applications, more than just surfing websites on your computer and can be used for connecting VoIP business phone systems, internal alarm and IP security systems and general LAN & WAN connectivity through your home or business routers and switches.

For high performance data networks, we recommend installing Cat6 data cable rather than using wireless technology, especially if you are wanting to run low latency VoIP & video streaming while transferring of large files having minimal delay time. Mr Telco uses top-rated Cat6 data cabling, wall socket products and fixes them with top-notch expertise and skill-set.

Prior to drilling your floors and walls prior to any type of data or phone socket installation Sydney takes place, firstly it requires an assessment of high-level expertise and our cabling installation team has it in abundance. We ensure that every member of our data cabling technical team in Sydney and around the country has a uniform level of knowhow. This is what makes us stand apart from the competition. We devise a cabling plan for you after discussing your usage patterns and requirements.

Networking with Cat6 data cable is among the most sought after choices among our Sydney customers as it offers high speed data transmission rates at very competitive cost.

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