Office Space Fitting in Queensland

When it comes to renovations, you need to find a company that works fast, professionally and to the highest possible standard. Many fit out companies tend to overstretch their resources and take on more work than they can handle at once, causing their clients to have to wait long periods of time before they can return to normal business, meaning money lost both on time paid for labour and time lost to the absence of a working environment.  So why take a chance when you should be calling the real experts, DCSQ.

Commercial Office Renovations & Fitouts:

Are looking to update your worn out office design back to its former glory or furnish a brand new location? DCSQ is a specialist in commercial office fitouts, we can provide you with a high-quality service in a reasonable turnaround with absolutely jaw-dropping results.

Quality Office Fitouts at Fair Prices:

At DCSQ we are well known amongst the local business community that we have worked with previously for providing the best quality of office renovations in Brisbane. We apply our years of experience and knowledge in this industry to every job that we undertake, guaranteeing a finish that you can be proud of with a quick turnaround and competitive price tag.

Ongoing, we can assist you with all aspects of keeping your office in tip top condition, after all, what’s the point of going to all of this trouble to get the ideal office space for your business only for it to fall apart and fade just as quickly as the last one?

Well the difference between regular and DCSQ office refits is that you don’t have to run around different commercial fit out companies to both refit and maintain the condition, we offer it all.

Painting, bricklaying, plumbing and electrical works – we are sure we can handle any office or building maintenance requirements. For those high priority or critically dangerous jobs? Well we offer a three hour turnaround time to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Office Fitouts:

  • Drawing and Design
  • Interior Designing and Planning for Office Fit Outs
  • Coordination with Council and Gov. departments
  • Certification, Plumbing and Electrical
  • Painting and Decorating