Brisbane Home Automation & Smart Home Systems

DCSQ is one of  Queensland's most trusted home automation & audiovisual technology integration specialists. Our projects range from modest residential audio systems through to fully integrated smart home systems in award-winning multi-level executive residences for Queensland’s elite. Our creative approach and affinity for challenging automation projects saw us complete several designs for big clients.

With applied knowledge across a broad scope of projects, DCSQ delivers an exceptional result with the experience & support to back it up.

The world of home automation and audiovisual is full of really cool products, the problem is that they’re usually sold by people who dictate a bunch of tech talk to bamboozle you into a purchase. We realise it takes tech-geeks to make it all work but when it comes to your pad, you don’t want them designing your system. We have dedicated system designers that focus on user benefits, not numbers & specs. They’re much more user-friendly – coincidentally, that’s also how your system ends up!

Why Install a Smart Home Automation System?

Smart Home automation allows you to simplify everyday tasks and automate many existing appliances at the touch of a button, with voice commands, motion sensors, and much more.

Many smart home appliances need to be integrated to ensure that they work well together. Our team of trusted professionals understand the work required to get your smart home set up and running.

Choosing DCSQ's qualified team of installers ensures peace of mind knowing they’ll listen and act on all your needs, carefully completing your smart set up to suit your requirements.